Author: Wegman DH

Original article 1987;13(3):213-217   pdf
Respiratory effects of work in retail food stores. III. Pulmonary function findings.
Wegman DH, Eisen EA, Smith TJ, Greaves IA, Fine LJ
Article 2007;33 suppl 1:1-53   pdf
Status report on Swedish work environment research—history, context and international evaluation
Wegman DH, editor, Hogstedt C, editor
Original article 2005;31(3):205-211   pdf
Registry-based case–control studies of liver cancer and cancers of the biliary tract nested in a cohort of autoworkers exposed to metalworking fluids
Bardin JA, Gore RJ, Wegman DH, Kriebel D, Woskie SR, Eisen EA
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