Author: Vainio H

Preface SJWEH Suppl 2008; (4):3-4   pdf
Every workplace deserves a good indoor environment
Vainio H, Reijula K
Letter to the editor 2006;32(1):85-86   pdf
Scientific misconduct—is there a need for policing the profession
Vainio H
Article SJWEH Suppl 2005; (1):76-78   pdf
The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health after 60 years—where to go from here?
Vainio H
Preface SJWEH Suppl 2005; (1):3-4   pdf
Occupational health services—in need of a new integrated paradigm
Vainio H
Discussion paper 2004;30(2):164-168   pdf
Building an evidence base for occupational health interventions
Verbeek J, Husman K, van Dijk F, Jauhiainen M, Pasternack I, Vainio H
Editorial 2004;30(1):1-3   pdf
Genetic biomarkers and occupational epidemiology-recollections, reflections and reconsiderations
Vainio H
Editorial 2002;28(3):137-140   pdf
Can health promotion at the workplace help prevent cancer?
Vainio H, Stayner L
Commentary 2000;26(6):529-531   pdf
Cancer-preventive effects of sunscreens are uncertain
Vainio H, Bianchini F
Editorial 2000;26(6):459-460   pdf
Modification of lung cancer prevention by gene-nutrient interaction
Vainio H
Commentary 2000;26(2):178-180   pdf
Functional foods - blurring the distinction between food and medicine
Vainio H, Mutanen M
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