Author: Lynge E

Original article 2018;44(3):310-322   pdf
Occupational exposure to organic solvents and risk of male breast cancer: a European multicenter case-control study
Laouali N, Pilorget C, Cyr D, Neri M, Kaerlev L, Sabroe S, Gorini G, Richiardi L, Morales-Suárez-Varela M, Llopis-Gonzalez A, Ahrens W, Jöckel K-H, Afonso N, Eriksson M, Merletti F, Olsen J, Lynge E, Guénel P
Original article 2014;40(5):511-517   pdf full text
Occupational exposure to solvents and acute myeloid leukemia: a population-based, case–control study in four Nordic countries
Talibov M, Lehtinen-Jacks S, Martinsen JI, Kjærheim K, Lynge E, Sparén P, Tryggvadottir L, Weiderpass E, Kauppinen T, Kyyrönen P, Pukkala E
Original article 2012;38(5):476-483   pdf
Occupational exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals and the risk of uveal melanoma
Behrens T, Lynge E, Cree I, Lutz J-M, Eriksson M, Guénel P, Merletti F, Morales-Suarez-Varela M, Afonso N, Stengrevics A, Stang A, Févotte J, Sabroe S, Llopis-González A, Gorini G, Hardell L, Ahrens W
Original article 1989;15(2):147-153   pdf
Exposure to silica dust in the Danish stone industry.
Guenel P, Breum NO, Lynge E
Original article 1989;15(4):265-270   pdf
Cancer incidence among Danish stone workers.
Guenel P, Hojberg G, Lynge E
Original article 1990;16 suppl 2:3-35   pdf  pdf  pdf  pdf
Occupational cancer in Denmark. Cancer incidence in the 1970 census population.
Lynge E, Thygesen L
Original article 1990;16(2):108-112   pdf
Primary liver cancer among women in laundry and dry-cleaning work in Denmark.
Lynge E, Thygesen L
Original article 1990;16(6):401-405   pdf
Reporting of occupational cancer in Denmark.
Skov T, Mikkelsen S, Svane O, Lynge E
Original article 1992;18 suppl 1:50-56   pdf
Cancer morbidity by occupation.
Lynge E
Original article 1993;19(3):137-147   pdf
Lung cancer among butchers and slaughterhouse workers.
Kristensen TS, Lynge E
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