Author: Gerhardsson L

Original article 1997;23(5):359-363   pdf
Lead concentrations in human plasma, urine and whole blood
Bergdahl IA, Schütz A, Gerhardsson L, Jensen A, Skerfving S
Original article 1997;23(1):24-30   pdf
Cumulative lead exposure in relation to mortality and lung cancer morbidity in a cohort of primary smelter workers
Lundström N-G, Nordberg G, Englyst V, Gerhardsson L, Hagmar L, Jin T, Rylander L, Wall S
Review 1996;22(5):325-331   pdf
Evaluation of selected publications on reference values for lead in blood
Gerhardsson L, Kazantzis G, Schütz A
Case report 1995;21(4):296-300   pdf
Lead intoxication caused by skeletal disease
Berlin K, Gerhardsson L, Börjesson J, Lindh E, Lundström N, Schütz A, Skerfving S, Edling C
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