Author: Tossavainen A

Original article 1994;20(1):62-64   pdf
Is there an association between pleural plaques and lung cancer without asbestosis?
Nurminen M, Tossavainen A
Original article 2008;34(6):451-462   pdf
Behavior of aluminum in aluminum welders and manufacturers of aluminum sulfate—impact on biological monitoring
Riihimäki V, Valkonen S, Engström B, Tossavainen A, Mutanen P, Aitio A
Original article 2001;27(2):106-112   pdf
High-resolution computed tomography classification of lung fibrosis for patients with asbestos-related disease
Huuskonen O, Kivisaari L, Zitting A, Taskinen K, Tossavainen A, Vehmas T
Consensus report 2000;26(5):449-454   pdf
International expert meeting on new advances in the radiology and screening of asbestos-related diseases
Tossavainen A
Original article 1998;24(2):109-117   pdf
Radiographic abnormalities among Finnish construction, shipyard and asbestos industry workers
Koskinen K, Zitting A, Tossavainen A, Rinne J-P, Roto P, Kivekäs J, Reijula K, Huuskonen MS
Consensus report 1997;23(4):311-316   pdf
Asbestos, asbestosis, and cancer: the Helsinki criteria for diagnosis and attribution
Tossavainen A, reporter
Proceedings paper 1995;21 suppl 2:84-86   pdf
Silica, silicosis and cancer in Finland
Partanen T, Jaakkola J, Tossavainen A
Original article 1995;21(6):470-477   pdf
Radiographic small lung opacities and pleural abnormalities as a consequence of asbestos exposure in an adult population
Zitting AJ, Karjalainen A, Impivaara O, Tossavainen A, Kuusela T, Mäki J, Huuskonen MS
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