Author: Heseltine E

Original article 1993;19(4):291-293   pdf
Meeting of the IARC working group on occupational exposures of hairdressers and barbers and on some colorings and dyestuffs.
Vainio H, McGregor DB, Heseltine E
Meeting report 1994;20(3):227-229   pdf
Meeting of the IARC working group on some industrial chemicals.
Vainio H, McGregor D, Heseltine E
Original article 1995;21(3):229-232
IARC evaluates wood dust and formaldehyde. International Agency for Research on Cancer.
Wilbourn J, Heseltine E, Moller H
Meeting report 1995;21(4):310-312
Dry cleaning, some solvents used in dry cleaning and other industrial chemicals
McGregor DB, reporter, Heseltine E, reporter, Møller H, reporter