Author: Skerfving S

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Author`s reply
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Blood cell delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase activity in humans exposed to methylmercury.
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Effect of a short, heavy exposure to lead dust upon blood lead level, erythrocyte delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase activity and urinary excretion of lead delta-aminolevulinic acid coproporphyrin. Results of a 6-month follow-up of two male subjects.
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Increased frequency of chromosome aberrations in workers exposed to styrene.
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Increased frequency of lymphocyte micronuclei in workers producing reinforced polyester resin with low exposure to styrene.
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No cytogenetic effects in lymphocytes of stainless steel welders.
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Systemic reactions associated with polyisocyanate exposure.
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Mortality and cancer morbidity among workers in a chemical factory.
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Relation between lead and cadmium in blood and the involuntary smoking of children.
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Self-reported symptoms in the neck and upper limbs of female assembly workers. Impact of length of employment, work pace, and selection.
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Chelated lead and bone lead.
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Biological monitoring, carcinogenicity and risk assessment of trace elements.
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In vivo x-ray fluorescence measurements of cadmium and lead.
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Biological monitoring of inorganic lead.
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Toxicokinetics and biological monitoring in experimental exposure of humans to gaseous hexahydrophthalic anhydride.
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Follow-up study of musculoskeletal disorders 20 months after the introduction of a mouse-based computer system
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Questionnaire versus direct technical measurements in assessing postures and movements of the head, upper back, arms and hands
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Environmental health in the Baltic region -- toxic metals
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Interindividual variation of physical load in a work task
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Lead concentrations in human plasma, urine and whole blood
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Lead intoxication caused by skeletal disease
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Exposure to pollutants through consumption of contaminated fish
Skerfving S