Author: Vainio H

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Public health and evidence-informed policy-making: The case of a commonly used herbicide
Vainio H
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Response by the organizers of the Helsinki criteria updates 2014: Criteria for asbestos-related diseases need periodic updates
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Epidemics of asbestos-related diseases – something old, something new
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Asbestos, asbestosis, and cancer, the Helsinki criteria for diagnosis and attribution 2014: recommendations
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Well-being at work – overview and perspective
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Methods of Carcinogenesis Tests at the Cellular Level and their Evaluation for the Asseessment of Occupational Cancer Hazards: Proceedings of the Meeting of the Scientific Committee on Occupational and Environmental Healht, Carlo Erba Foundation, Milan 4-6 Decenmber 1977.
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A study on the mutagenic activity of styrene and styrene oxide.
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Effects of thermal degradation products of polystyrene on drug biotransformation and tissue glutathione in rat and mouse.
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Styrene and styrene oxide concentrations in the air during the lamination process in the reinforced plastics industry.
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Genetic risks caused by occupational chemicals. Use of experimental methods and occupational risk group monitoring in the detection of environmental chemicals causing mutations, cancer and malformations.
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Increased sister chromatid exchange frequencies in lymphocytes of nurses handling cytostatic drugs.
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Monitoring genotoxicity in the occupational environment.
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Formaldehyde exposure in work and the general environment. Occurrence and possibilities for prevention.
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Biological monitoring in the identification of the cancer of individuals exposed to chemical carcinogens.
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Application of the chicken embryo in testing for embryotoxicity: thiurams.
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Phenoxy acid herbicides cause peroxisome proliferation in Chinese hamsters.
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Inhalation anesthetics, anticancer drugs and sterilants as chemical hazards in hospitals.
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A chromosome study among worker groups in the rubber industry.
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The Finnish-Swedish project on genotoxic hazards in the rubber industry. Conclusions and recommendations.
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Spontaneous abortions among rubber workers and congenital malformations in their offspring.
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Genotoxic hazards in the rubber industry.
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Toxicity of rubber chemicals towards three-day chicken embryos.
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Mutagenicity of selected organic solvents.
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Current trends in the biological monitoring of exposure to carcinogens.
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Is passive smoking increasing cancer risk?
Vainio H
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Carcinogenesis and teratogenesis may have common mechanisms.
Vainio H
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Chlorinated dioxins and dibenzofurans in the environment--a hazard to public health?
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Identification of carcinogens within the IARC monograph program.
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Carcinogenicity of mercury and mercury compounds.
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Lobe of origin of lung cancer among asbestos-exposed patients with or without diffuse interstitial fibrosis.
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Meeting of the IARC working group on occupational exposures of hairdressers and barbers and on some colorings and dyestuffs.
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Meeting of the IARC working group on some industrial chemicals.
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Mechanisms of the combined effect of asbestos and smoking in the etiology of lung cancer.
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Asbestos exposure and the risk of lung cancer in a general urban population.
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Sharpening the focus on occupational safety and health in nanotechnology
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Re: Reijula R, Vainio H, guest editors. International conference on healthy air—better work 2007: selected presentations from the International Conference on Healthy Air—Better Work 2007; 29–31 May 2007; Helsinki, Finland. SJWEH Suppl. 2008;(4):1–86.
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Every workplace deserves a good indoor environment
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Scientific misconduct—is there a need for policing the profession
Vainio H
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The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health after 60 years—where to go from here?
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Occupational health services—in need of a new integrated paradigm
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Building an evidence base for occupational health interventions
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Genetic biomarkers and occupational epidemiology-recollections, reflections and reconsiderations
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Can health promotion at the workplace help prevent cancer?
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Cancer-preventive effects of sunscreens are uncertain
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Modification of lung cancer prevention by gene-nutrient interaction
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Functional foods - blurring the distinction between food and medicine
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Promise of molecular epidemiology - epidemiologic reasoning, biological rationale and risk assessment
Vainio H
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Fruits, vegetables and pesticides - do we know what we are eating?
Vainio H
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International workshop on biomarkers for isocyanates
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Biomarkers in the identification of risks, especially with regard to susceptible persons and subgroups
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Occurrence, trends and environmental etiology of pancreatic cancer
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Environmental risk factors of breast cancer
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A smoke screen to keep the controversy alive
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Trends in mesothelioma incidence and occupational mesotheliomas in Finland in 1960--1995
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Surveillance and intervention studies on respiratory cancers in asbestos-exposed workers
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Lead and cancer -- association or causation?
Vainio H
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Beta carotene and cancer: risk or protection?
Vainio H
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Pulmonary asbestos bodies and asbestos fibers as indicators of exposure
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Pooled reanalysis of cancer mortality among five cohorts of workers in wood-related industries
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