Author: Vainio H

Original article 1989;15(1):13-17   pdf
Carcinogenesis and teratogenesis may have common mechanisms.
Vainio H
Original article 1989;15(6):377-382   pdf
Chlorinated dioxins and dibenzofurans in the environment--a hazard to public health?
Vainio H, Hesso A, Jappinen P
Original article 1992;18 suppl 1:64-73   pdf
Identification of carcinogens within the IARC monograph program.
Vainio H, Wilbourn J
Original article 1993;19(1):1-7   pdf
Carcinogenicity of mercury and mercury compounds.
Boffetta P, Merler E, Vainio H
Original article 1993;19(2):102-107   pdf
Lobe of origin of lung cancer among asbestos-exposed patients with or without diffuse interstitial fibrosis.
Karjalainen A, Anttila S, Heikkila L, Kyyronen P, Vainio H
Original article 1993;19(4):291-293   pdf
Meeting of the IARC working group on occupational exposures of hairdressers and barbers and on some colorings and dyestuffs.
Vainio H, McGregor DB, Heseltine E
Meeting report 1994;20(3):227-229   pdf
Meeting of the IARC working group on some industrial chemicals.
Vainio H, McGregor D, Heseltine E
Original article 1994;20(4):235-242   pdf
Mechanisms of the combined effect of asbestos and smoking in the etiology of lung cancer.
Vainio H, Boffetta P
Original article 1994;20(4):243-250   pdf
Asbestos exposure and the risk of lung cancer in a general urban population.
Karjalainen A, Anttila S, Vanhala E, Vainio H
Discussion paper 2008;34(6):471-478   pdf
Sharpening the focus on occupational safety and health in nanotechnology
Schulte P, Geraci C, Zumwalde R, Hoover M, Castranova V, Kuempel E, Murashov V, Vainio H, Savolainen K
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