Author: Vainio H

Editorial 1997;23(1):1-4   pdf
Lead and cancer -- association or causation?
Vainio H
Editorial 1996;22(3):161-163   pdf
Beta carotene and cancer: risk or protection?
Vainio H
Original article 1996;22(1):34-38   pdf
Pulmonary asbestos bodies and asbestos fibers as indicators of exposure
Karjalainen A, Nurminen M, Vanhala E, Vainio H, Anttila S
Original article 1995;21(3):179-190   pdf
Pooled reanalysis of cancer mortality among five cohorts of workers in wood-related industries
Demers PA, Boffetta P, Kogevinas M, Blair A, Miller BA, Robinson CF, Roscoe RJ, Winter PD, Colin D, Matos E, Vainio H
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