Key term: book review

Book review 2000;26(6):532-533   pdf
Handbook of Occupational Dermatology
Zwanenburg R, reviewer
Book review 2000;26(6):533-534
Health Effects of the New Labour Market
Vahtera J, reviewer
Book review 2001;27(4):292-293   pdf
Systematic Occupational Health and Safety Management—Perspectives on an International Development
Räsänen K, reviewer
Book review 2001;27(5):358-359   pdf
Systematic Reviews in Health Care: Meta-analysis in Context
Malmivaara A, reviewer
Book review 2002;28(6):443-443   pdf
Safety Analysis: Principles and Practice in Occupational Safety
Salminen S, reviewer
Book review 2002;28(5):362-364   pdf
Environmental and Chemical Toxins and Psychiatric Illness
Honkonen T, reviewer
Book review 2002;28(5):361-362   pdf
Health and Safety in Small Enterprises: European Strategies for Managing Improvement
Huuskonen M, reviewer
Book review 1995;21(4):316-317
Environmental Health Risks and Public Policy: Decision Making in Free Societies
Edling C, reviewer
Book review 1995;21(4):315-316
Stress Monitoring in the Workplace
Seppälä P, reviewer
Book review 1995;21(4):315-315
Hard Facts about Soft Machines: the Ergonomics of Seating
Takala E-P, reviewer
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