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Scand J Work Environ Health 1988;14(3):153-160    pdf


A mortality study of vinyl chloride monomer workers employed in the United Kingdom in 1940-1974.

by Jones RD, Smith DM, Thomas PG

The mortality experience of 5,498 male workers employed for at least one year during 1940-1974 in the vinyl chloride industry of the United Kingdom was followed through to 31 December 1984. There was a significant excess of nonsecondary liver tumors with 11 deaths, of which seven were angiosarcomas. All the angiosarcoma deaths occurred in autoclave workers with a median latency of 25 years from date of first exposure. A strong healthy worker effect was seen. Other than that for liver cancer, no increased incidence of cancer deaths attributable to vinyl chloride monomer exposure was found. There was no evidence of increased mortality from chronic liver disease. The incidence of death from respiratory disease was low and was not affected by polyvinyl chloride dust exposure.