Original article

Scand J Work Environ Health 1982;8 suppl 1:40-43    pdf

An epidemiologic approach to occupational health problems in Egypt.

by Massoud A, Faris R, Hussein M, Abdel Kawy AM

Industrialization started in Egypt on a large scale only 20 a ago. This process resulted in a shift of a large proportion of the agricultural workers to industrial work. The health insurance for industrial workers is enforced by law for certain industrial groups. Although preplacement and periodic medical examinations should be provided for the insured groups, they are not yet properly carried out and are deficient both qualitatively and quantitatively. For a reliable view of the occupational health situation an epidemiologic approach is a must. As a start, a computer-assisted pilot plan has been developed using data of one of the periodic medical examinations for a group of miners in Egypt.