Author: Halperin WE

Original article 1984;10(5):299-303   pdf
An evaluation of reports of dioxin exposure and soft tissue sarcoma pathology among chemical workers in the United States.
Fingerhut MA, Halperin WE, Honchar PA, Smith AB, Groth DH, Russell WO
Original article 1987;13(2):108-117   pdf
Mortality of chrome leather tannery workers and chemical exposures in tanneries.
Stern FB, Beaumont JJ, Halperin WE, Murthy LI, Hills BW, Fajen JM
Original article 1993;19(2):89-95   pdf
Mortality of workers employed in shoe manufacturing.
Walker JT, Bloom TF, Stern FB, Okun AH, Fingerhut MA, Halperin WE