Scand J Work Environ Health 1976;2 suppl 1:50-53    pdf | Issue date: 1976

Gases formed from furan binding agents.

by Virtamo M, Tossavainen A

Furfuryl alcohol and formaldehyde concentrations in the air of coremaking areas of 10 iron and steel foundries were measured. The mean concentration of furfuryl alcohol and formaldehyde was 4.3 cm3/m3 and 2.7 cm3/m3, respectively. Furfuryl alcohol exceeded its threshold limit value (TLV) of 5 cm3/m3 in 22% of the determinations; and formaldehyde (TLV=2 cm3/m3) in 38%. In addition phenol concentration was determined in one foundry; and phosphoric acid concentration, in two foundries. The concentrations of phenol and phosphoric acid were far lower than their TLVs. The question is raised as to whether exposure to furfuryl alcohol and formaldehyde in foundries in combination with exposure to dust and smoking can increase the risk of chronic bronchitis.