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Scand J Work Environ Health 2003;29(3):239-245    pdf


How to promote prevention-economic incentives or legal regulations or both?

by Torén K, Sterner T

Legal regulations of the work environment are probably regarded as the main tools for promoting prevention at the workplace. Legal regulations are expressed as occupational exposure limits, bans, and taxes. Taxes can be regarded as economic incentives as well, and other economic incentives are insurance systems for employers` and consumers` actions. The latter have been found to have profound effects regarding environmental issues and may also, in the future, be a powerful tool for workplace-related prevention. The research in this area is rather limited, but there are some research results that can be obtained from the area of environmental economics. This paper discusses some examples in which legal regulations, economic incentives, or both have been used. Legal regulations and market-based economic incentives may produce similar results, but the economic cost and political feasibility typically differ. This situation makes the selection and design of instruments an important field for future research

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