Author: Nuutinen J

Original article 1982;8 suppl 1:26-29   pdf
A feasibility study of organizing occupational health services for farmers.
Vohlonen IJ, Husman K, Kalimo E, Nuutinen J, Raitasalo R, Tupi K, Virolainen R
Original article 1988;14 suppl 1:118-120   pdf
Farmers' occupational health program in Finland, 1979-1988. From research to practice.
Husman K, Notkola V, Virolainen R, Tupi K, Nuutinen J, Penttinen J, Heikkonen J
Original article 2003;29(6):461-467   pdf
Nasal symptoms among residents in moldy housing
Ruoppi PI, Husman TM, Reiman MH, Nuutinen J, Hyvärinen AM, Nevalainen AI