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Author: Perucci CA

Original article 1987;13(3):258-260   pdf
Respiratory cancer among soap production workers.
Forastiere F, Valesini S, Salimei E, Magliola ME, Perucci CA
Original article 1989;15(6):383-386   pdf
Respiratory cancer mortality among workers employed in thermoelectric power plants.
Forastiere F, Pupp N, Magliola E, Valesini S, Tidei F, Perucci CA
Original article 1990;16(2):96-101   pdf
Reduction of births in Italy after the Chernobyl accident.
Bertollini R, Di Lallo D, Mastroiacovo P, Perucci CA
Original article 1993;19(6):382-389   pdf
Cancer among farmers in central Italy.
Forastiere F, Quercia A, Miceli M, Settimi L, Terenzoni B, Rapiti E, Faustini A, Borgia P, Cavariani F, Perucci CA
Original article 1994;20(5):331-338   pdf
Mortality of filling station attendants.
Lagorio S, Forastiere F, Iavarone I, Rapiti E, Vanacore N, Perucci CA, Carere A