Author: Hurrell JJ Jr

Original article 1988;14 suppl 1:27-28   pdf
Exposure to job stress--a new psychometric instrument.
Hurrell JJ Jr, McLaney MA
Original article 1992;18 suppl 2:11-13   pdf
Comparison of job demands, control and psychosomatic complaints at different career stages of managers in Finland and the United States.
Hurrell JJ Jr, Lindstrom K
Original article 1992;18 suppl 2:133-136   pdf
Measurement of salivary immunoglobulin A as an immunologic biomarker of job stress.
Henningsen GM, Hurrell JJ Jr, Baker F, Douglas C, MacKenzie BA, Robertson SK, Phipps FC
Original article 1992;18 suppl 2:14-17   pdf
Coping with job stress by managers at different career stages in Finland and the United States.
Lindstrom K, Hurrell JJ Jr