Author: Sweeney MH

Letter to the Editor 2014;40(1):100-100   pdf full text
What is the true prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome among US workers?
Luckhaupt SE, Sweeney MH, Sestito JP, Calvert GM
Original article 1985;11(4):257-264   pdf
Mortality among retired fur workers. Dyers, dressers (tanners) and service workers.
Sweeney MH, Walrath J, Waxweiler RJ
Original article 1992;18 suppl 2:24-26   pdf
Reference values for amplitudes and conduction velocities obtained from a cohort of middle-aged and retired workers.
Davis-King KE, Sweeney MH, Wille KK, Steenland K, Arezzo JC