Author: Engstrom K

Original article 1986;12(4):293-295   pdf
Exposure conditions and Raynaud's phenomenon among riveters in the aircraft industry.
Engstrom K, Dandanell R
Original article 1986;12(4):338-342   pdf
Vibration from riveting tools in the frequency range 6 Hz-10 MHz and Raynaud's phenomenon.
Dandanell R, Engstrom K
Original article 1988;14 suppl 1:33-34   pdf
Evaluation of exposures during the welding or flame-cutting of painted steel.
Engstrom K, Engstrom B, Henriks-Eckerman ML
Original article 1988;14(5):322-327   pdf
Coexposure of man to m-xylene and methyl ethyl ketone. Kinetics and metabolism.
Liira J, Riihimaki V, Engstrom K, Pfaffli P