Author: Okada A

Original article 1986;12(4):435-437   pdf
Effect of local vibration on the brain monoamines of rats
Ariizumi M, Yamaguchi Y, Okada A
Original article 1986;12(4):382-384   pdf
Peripheral circulatory and nervous response to various frequencies of local vibration exposure
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Original article 1986;12(4):242-244   pdf
Transcutaneous partial pressure of oxygen in the forearm in the determination of the hand-arm vibration syndrome
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Original article 1986;12(4):362-364   pdf
Physiological response of the rat to different vibration frequencies.
Okada A
Original article 1987;13(4):358-362   pdf
Usefulness of blood parameters, especially viscosity, for the diagnosis and elucidation of pathogenic mechanisms of the hand-arm vibration syndrome.
Okada A, Inaba R, Furuno T, Nohara S, Ariizumi M
Original article 1988;14(5):312-316   pdf
Effects of low- and high-frequency local vibration on the occurrence of intimal thickening of the peripheral arteries of rats.
Inaba R, Furuno T, Okada A