Author: Guillemin MP

Letter to the editor 1980;6(2):158-160   pdf
Delayed excretion of urinary metabolites after styrene exposure: fact or artifact?
Guillemin MP, Bauer D
1978;4 suppl 2:14-21   pdf
Monitoring of styrene exposure in the polyester industry.
Guillemin MP, Bauer D, Hotz PA, Lob M, Greuter WF
Original article 1980;6(3):206-215   pdf
Study of some hepatic effects (induction and toxicity) caused by occupational exposure to styrene in the polyester industry.
Hotz P, Guillemin MP, Lob M
Original article 1985;11 suppl 1:33-43   pdf
Air contamination exposure measurements of organic solvents--past and present.
Guillemin MP