Author: Edling C

Original article 1979;5(1):10-15   pdf
Lung cancer and residency--a case-referent study on the possible impact of of exposure to radon and its daughters in dwellings.
Axelson O, Edling C, Kling H
Original article 1980;6(1):73-79   pdf
Herbicide exposure and tumor mortality. An updated epidemiologic investigation on Swedish railroad workers.
Axelson O, Sundell L, Andersson K, Edling C, Hogstedt C, Kling H
Review 1980;6(2):85-93   pdf
Anesthetic gases as an occupational hazard--a review.
Edling C
Original article 1982;8 suppl 1:59-64   pdf
Effects of low-dose radiation - a correlation study.
Edling C, Comba P, Axelson O, Flodin U
Original article 1983;9 suppl 2:79-83   pdf
Pregnancy outcome among women in a Swedish rubber plant.
Axelson O, Edling C, Andersson L
Original article 1983;9(5):391-396   pdf
Effects of trace levels of nitrous oxide on psychomotor performance.
Venables H, Cherry N, Waldron HA, Buck L, Edling C, Wilson HK
Original article 1984;10(1):25-34   pdf
Radon in homes--a possible cause of lung cancer.
Edling C, Kling H, Axelson O
Book review 1995;21(4):316-317
Environmental Health Risks and Public Policy: Decision Making in Free Societies
Edling C, reviewer
Original article 2000;26(3):237-242   pdf
Sleep-disordered breathing and occupational accidents
Ulfberg J, Carter N, Edling C
Original article 1996;22(5):364-368   pdf
Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection among sewage workers
Friis L, Engstrand L, Edling C
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