Author: Hietanen M

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Occupational hygiene survey of 99 small workplaces with special reference to occupational health services.
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Work-related medical surveillance in small workplaces.
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Original article 1991;17(6):398-403   pdf
Ocular exposure to solar ultraviolet and visible radiation at high latitudes.
Hietanen M
Book review 2002;28(4):285-285   pdf
Non-ionizing Radiation, Part 1: Static and Extremely Low-frequency (elf) Electric and Magnetic Fields
Hietanen M, reviewer
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Radiation at Home, Outdoors and in the Workplace
Hietanen M, reviewer
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Establishing the health risks of exposure to radiofrequency fields requires multidisciplinary research
Hietanen M
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Human brain activity during exposure to radiofrequency fields emitted by cellular phones
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Solving mysteries of the bioeffects of nonionizing radiation
Hietanen M