CONTENTS — volume 22, no 2, 1996

Published: Apr 1996


Where do we go in occupational neuroepidemiology?


Health risks of electric and magnetic fields caused by high-voltage systems in Finland

Original article

Maximizing accuracy and precision using individual and grouped exposure assessments
Improved nasal clearance among pulp mill workers after reduction of lime dust levels
Malignant melanoma among lithographers
Partition coefficients between human blood or adipose tissue and air for aromatic solvents

Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging and the electrophysiology of the carpal tunnel region in floor cleaners

Original article

Effect of overtime work on cognitive function in automotive workers
Circadian adjustment of men and women to night work
Job strain and psychological distress in white collar workers

Short communication

Diabetes mellitus among Swedish art glass workers -- an effect of arsenic exposure?

Case Report

Elevated urinary cadmium concentrations in a patient with acute cadmium pneumonitis