SJWEH Supplements are open access, (mostly) non-peer-reviewed articles usually published in theme issues or as part of a series of papers from a conference or workshop. Scand J Work Environ Health stopped publishing SJWEH Supplements in 2009.

CONTENTS — SJWEH Supplements 2006; no 2

Published: 31 Oct 2006


Original article

Basic ethical, professional and legal principles of biomedical research
The cortisol awakening response—an exploration of intraindividual stability and negative responses
Diurnal profiles of salivary cortisol on workdays among construction workers versus white-collar workers
Diurnal cortisol pattern of shift workers on a workday and a day off
Weekday and weekend patterns of diurnal cortisol, activation and fatigue among people scoring high for burnout
Self-reported conceptions of memory and concentration in comparison with the neuropsychological test performance of manual workers
Indoor-air-related complaints and symptoms among hospital workers


Ischemic heart disease and welding in Scandinavian studies

Original article

Effect of industrial solvent exposure on blood pressure and liver ultrasound echogenicity