CONTENTS — volume 33, no 2, 2007

Published: 31 Apr 2007


More systematic reviews needed to improve occupational health


Systematic review of the prevention incentives of insurance and regulatory mechanisms for occupational health and safety
Immigrant populations, work and health—a systematic literature review

Original article

Health effects of transitions in work schedule, workhours and overtime in a prospective cohort study
Exposure, lung function decline and systemic inflammatory response in asphalt workers
Consensus-based findings and recommendations for estimating the costs of health-related productivity loss from a company’s perspective
A pattern recognition approach to the development of a classification system for upper-limb musculoskeletal disorders of workers
Operating room nursing and lung cancer risk in a cohort of female registered nurses
Electroencephalography artifacts in workplace alertness monitoring

Case report

Occupational vocal cord dysfunction due to exposure to wood dust and xerographic toner


Amendments and corrections

Re: Sundblad B-M, Sahlander K, Ek A, Kumlin M, Olsson M, Larsson K, Palmberg L. Effect of respirators equipped with particle or particle-and-gas filters during exposure in a pig confinement building. Scand J Work Environ Health 2006;32(2):145–153.