CONTENTS — volume 33, no 5, 2007

Published: 31 Oct 2007


Does shift work cause cancer?


Estimating the relative risk of pancreatic cancer associated with exposure agents in job title data in a hierarchical Bayesian meta-analysis

Original article

Cohort study of cancer risk among male and female shift workers
Gender perspective in the analysis of the relationship between long workhours, health and health-related behavior
Influence of work-related factors and individual characteristics on work ability among Dutch construction workers
Bootstrap exploration of the duration of surface electromyography sampling in relation to the precision of exposure estimation
Enhancing evidence-based advice of occupational health physicians
Risk of lung cancer according to mild steel and stainless steel welding
Occupational exposure to endocrine-disrupting compounds and biliary tract cancer among men

Letter to the Editor

Japanese journals also have their citation classics in occupational medicine