CONTENTS — volume 35, no 1, 2009

Published: 00 Jan 2009


Work ability—a comprehensive concept for occupational health research and prevention

Editorial News


Meta-analysis of the effects of health promotion intervention in the workplace on depression and anxiety symptoms
Associations between work-related factors and the carpal tunnel syndrome—a systematic review

Original article

Development trajectories of Finnish managers’ work ability over a 10-year follow-up period
Differences between day and nonday workers in exposure to physical and psychosocial work factors in the Danish eldercare sector
Musculoskeletal disorders among construction roofers—physical function and disability
Respiratory symptoms and conditions related to occupational exposures in machine shops

Discussion paper

Shift work, chronodisruption and cancer?—the IARC 2007 challenge for research and prevention and 10 theses from the Cologne Colloquium 2008

Amendments and corrections

Re: Palmer KT, Harris EC, Griffin MJ, Bennett J, Reading I, Sampson M, Coggon D. Case–control study of low-back pain referred for magnetic resonance imaging, with special focus on whole-body vibration. Scand J Work Environ Health 2008;34(5):364–373