CONTENTS — volume 20, no 1, 1994

Published: 01 Feb 1994

Original article

Methodological approach to the evaluation of neurotoxicity data and the classification of neurotoxic chemicals.
Documentation of ill-health effects of occupational exposure to grain dust through sequential, coherent epidemiologic investigation.
Cancer morbidity among Danish female pharmacy technicians.
Eye discomfort and work with visual display terminals.
Asbestos exposure and pulmonary fiber concentrations of 300 Finnish urban men.
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and agricultural practices in the prairie provinces of Canada.
Respiratory symptoms and bronchial reactivity among pig and dairy farmers.
Effect of masking on circadian adjustment and interindividual differences on a rapidly rotating shift schedule.
Is there an association between pleural plaques and lung cancer without asbestosis?

Letter to the Editor

Nordic cooperation in research on the work environment.