CONTENTS — volume 20, no 4, 1994

Published: 01 Aug 1994

Original article

Mechanisms of the combined effect of asbestos and smoking in the etiology of lung cancer.
Asbestos exposure and the risk of lung cancer in a general urban population.
Cancer mortality in a historical cohort study of workers exposed to styrene.
Retrospective assessment of exposure through modeling in a study on cancer risks among workers exposed to phenoxy herbicides, chlorophenols and dioxins.
Incidence of lymphohematopoietic malignancies among styrene-exposed workers of the reinforced plastics industry.
Internal load of aluminum and the central nervous system function of aluminum welders.
Cardiovascular diseases among foundry workers exposed to carbon monoxide.
Noise exposure, noise annoyance, use of hearing protection devices and distress among blue-collar workers.
Parkinsonism after chronic exposure to the fungicide maneb (manganese ethylene-bis-dithiocarbamate).
Erythropoietin-independent colonies of red blood cells and leukocytosis in a worker exposed to low levels of benzene.
New epidemics in occupational health.