CONTENTS — volume 22, no 5, 1996

Published: Oct 1996


Human biomonitoring of trace elements -- continued need for critical evaluation


Evaluation of selected publications on reference values for lead in blood

Original article

Occupational history and genetic N-acetyltransferase polymorphism of urothelial cancer patients in Leverkusen, Germany
Brain tumor risk in offspring of men occupationally exposed to electric and magnetic fields
Occupation and the risk of lung cancer in Uruguay
Effects of long workhours on life-style, stress and quality of life among intermediate Japanese managers
Glutathione S-transferase M1 null genotype as a risk modifier for solvent-induced chronic toxic encephalopathy
Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection among sewage workers
Hemorheology in occupational lead exposure
Three-year follow-up of serial nerve conduction among lead-exposed workers
Lipid peroxidation in workers exposed to manganese
Hematopoietic and reproductive hazards of Korean electronic workers exposed to solvents containing 2-bromopropane