CONTENTS — volume 20, no 6, 1994

Published: 01 Dec 1994

Original article

Effectiveness of and compliance to preventive measures against the occupational transmission of human immunodeficiency virus.
Nocturnal eating and serum cholesterol of three-shift workers.
Silica dust exposure and lung cancer.
Job task and psychosocial risk factors for work-related musculoskeletal disorders among newspaper employees.
Effect of individually chosen bed-height adjustments on the low-back stress of nurses.
Changes in ventilatory function in grain processing and animal feed workers in relation to exposure to organic dust.
Effect of occupational noise on the course and outcome of pregnancy.
Urinary mandelic acid and hemoglobin adducts in fiberglass-reinforced plastics workers exposed to styrene.
Exposure-response relationships in the formation of specific antibodies to hexahydrophthalic anhydride in exposed workers.

Letter to the Editor

Sex ratio of offspring as a criterion of occupational hazard, with reference to welding.

Meeting report

43rd Nordic work environment meeting.