CONTENTS — volume 19, no 2, 1993

Published: 01 Apr 1993

Original article

A conceptual model for work-related neck and upper-limb musculoskeletal disorders.
Mortality of army cooks.
Mortality of workers employed in shoe manufacturing.
Mortality and cancer incidence in a cohort of rubber workers in Moscow.
Lobe of origin of lung cancer among asbestos-exposed patients with or without diffuse interstitial fibrosis.
Role of the herbicide atrazine in the development of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Pulmonary function one and four years after a deep saturation dive.
Psychological distress and alcohol use among fire fighters.
Prevalence of shoulder and upper-limb disorders among workers in the fish-processing industry.
Chromosome aberrations in peripheral lymphocytes of workers employed in the plywood industry.