CONTENTS — volume 18, no 6, 1992

Published: 01 Dec 1992

Original article

Impact of occupations and job tasks on the prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Fetal growth, preterm birth and infant mortality in relation to work with video display terminals during pregnancy.
Mortality studies of machining-fluid exposure in the automobile industry. II. Risks associated with specific fluid types.
Sources of variance in exposure to postural load on the back in occupational groups.
Role of psychosocial risk factors in work-related low-back pain.
Temporary health effects from exposure to water-borne paints.
Work-related behavioral and dental risk factors among confectionery workers.
Prediction of silicosis and lung cancer in the Australian labor force exposed to silica.
Occupationally related ultrasonic findings in carpet and floor layers' knees.
Possible mechanisms of formaldehyde-induced discomfort in the upper airways.

Letter to the Editor

On classifying reproductive studies according to study design and using odds ratios in the presentation of results.
Self-injection of fish vaccine can cause anaphylaxis.