CONTENTS — volume 18, suppl 1, 1992

Published: 1992

Original article

Exposure from occupational versus other sources.
Occupational cancer and carcinogenesis.
Carcinogen metabolism and individual susceptibility.
Analysis of deoxyribonucleic acid adducts in workers.
Oncogenes and oncoproteins in occupational carcinogenesis.
Design strategies, results and evaluations of long-term chemical carcinogenesis studies.
Use of molecular biology techniques in cancer epidemiology.
The molecular epidemiology of oncoproteins.
Cancer morbidity by occupation.
Proposal for future uses in epidemiology for cohort studies on the prevention of work-related cancer.
Identification of carcinogens within the IARC monograph program.
A historical perspective on the classification developed and used for chemical carcinogens by the National Toxicology Program during 1983-1992.
Perspective and overview of the concepts and value of hazard identification as the initial phase of risk assessment for cancer and human health.
Quantitative assessment of human cancer risk.
Technological changes in cancer prevention.
Screening for occupational cancer.
Workplace cancer prevention.