CONTENTS — volume 35, no 4, 2009

Published: 31 Jul 2009


The importance of the psychosocial work environment for employee well-being and work motivation


Validity of self-reported mechanical demands for occupational epidemiologic research of musculoskeletal disorders
Common prognostic factors of work disability among employees with a chronic somatic disease: a systematic review of cohort studies


Epidemiological investigation of prognosis

Original article

The development of the psychosocial work environment in Denmark from 1997 to 2005
Work-relatedness of mood disorders in Denmark
Self-reported productivity loss among workers with upper extremity disorders
Medical program for shift workers – impacts on chronic disease and mortality outcomes

Amendments and corrections

Re: Gjesdal S, Mæland JG, Svedberg P, Hagberg J, Alexanderson K. Role of diagnoses and socioeconomic status in mortality among disability pensioners in Norway—a population-based cohort study. Scand J Work Environ Health. 2008;34(6):479–482.