CONTENTS — volume 18, no 1, 1992

Published: 28 Feb 1992

Original article

Exposure assessment of risk factors for disorders of the back in occupational epidemiology.
Maternal occupational exposure and congenital malformations.
Primary liver cancer and occupational exposure.
Cancer incidence among creosote-exposed workers.
Work-related deaths in construction painting.
Cardiovascular mortality among munitions workers exposed to nitroglycerin and dinitrotoluene.
Occupational airborne exposure of the general population of a Norwegian county.
Low-back pain in commercial travelers.
Osteoarthritis of the hip and occupational activity.
Mortality study of workers employed by the Italian National Institute of Health, 1960-1989.
Cerebral magnetic resonance imaging and cerebral computerized tomography for patients with solvent-induced encephalopathy.