CONTENTS — volume 35, no 5, 2009

Published: 00 Oct 2009


Improving work ability in construction workers – let’s get to work

Original article

Impact of work-related factors, lifestyle, and work ability on sickness absence among Dutch construction workers
Trends in sickness absence in Denmark
Attributable risk of carpal tunnel syndrome in the general population: implications for intervention programs in the workplace
Prospective assessment of neuropsychological functioning and mood in US Army National Guard personnel deployed as peacekeepers
Working shifts and mental health – findings from the British Household Panel Survey (1995–2005)
Respiratory effects in the aftermath of a major fire in a chemical waste depot
Evaluation of respiratory effects related to high-pressure cleaning in a piggery with and without robot pre-cleaning
Occurrence of frostbite in the general population – work-related and individual factors

Discussion paper

Perspectives of working life research

Short communication

Suggested excess of occupational cancers in Norwegian offshore workers: preliminary results from the Cancer Registry Offshore Cohort

Amendments and corrections

Re: Messing K, Tissot F, Stock SR. Should studies of risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders be stratified by gender? Lessons from the 1998 Québec Health and Social Survey. Scand J Work Environ Health. 2009;35(2):96–112.