CONTENTS — volume 20, Special issue, 1994


Original article

Some recent developments in occupational epidemiology.
Assessment of exposure in occupational epidemiology.
Assessment of physical exposure in relation to work-related musculoskeletal disorders--what information can be obtained from systematic observations?
Biological monitoring today and tomorrow.
Has the Scandinavian solvent syndrome controversy been solved?
Neurotoxic effects of selected metals.
Is human fecundity declining--and does occupational exposures play a role in such a decline if it exists?
Electric and magnetic fields and health outcomes--an overview.
Where is the research frontier for hand-arm vibration?
Prevention of lung cancer through the use of knowledge on asbestos and other work-related causes--Norwegian experiences.
Occupational asthma--time for prevention.
Organic dusts--from knowledge to prevention.
Psychosocial criteria for good work organization.