CONTENTS — volume 17, no 6, 1991

Published: Dec 1991

Original article

Toxicology and occupational hazards of new materials and processes in metal surface treatment, powder metallurgy, technical ceramics, and fiber-reinforced plastics.
Job strain and ambulatory blood pressure profiles.
Importance of accurate employment histories of patients admitted to units of internal medicine.
Preemployment medical examinations in a large occupational health service.
Ocular exposure to solar ultraviolet and visible radiation at high latitudes.
Relative risk of mesothelioma associated with different levels of exposure to asbestos.
Symptoms, airway physiology and histology of workers exposed to medium-density fiber board.
Back disorders and health problems among subway train operators exposed to whole-body vibration.
Interaction of height and mechanical loading of the spine in the development of low-back pain.
Comparison of methods for the assessment of postural load on the back.
Monitoring of exposure to cyclohexanone through the analysis of breath and urine.
Determination of exposure to aflatoxins among Danish workers in animal-feed production through the analysis of aflatoxin B1 adducts to serum albumin.
Fever and respiratory symptoms after welding on painted steel.