CONTENTS — volume 15, no 1, 1989

Published: Feb 1989

Original article

Mechanisms of nickel carcinogenesis.
Carcinogenesis and teratogenesis may have common mechanisms.
Cancer incidence of workers in a Finnish sawmill.
Cancer risks among New Zealand meat workers.
Risk of lung, larynx, pharynx and buccal cavity cancers among carbon electrode manufacturing workers.
Lung cancer, smoking, and employment in foundries.
Mortality of auto mechanics. A ten-year follow-up.
Triazine herbicides and ovarian epithelial neoplasms.
Occupational causes of low-back pain.
Olfactory function in painters exposed to organic solvents.
Inhibition of synaptosome membrane-bound integral enzymes by organic solvents.
Subjective symptoms and psychological performance of chlorine-alkali workers.
Self-reported symptoms in the neck and upper limbs of female assembly workers. Impact of length of employment, work pace, and selection.