CONTENTS — volume 15, suppl 1, 1989

Published: 1989

Original article

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Environmental Ergonomics. Helsinki, 8-12 August 1988.


Original article

Evaluation of tolerance limits for humans under heat stress and the problems involved.
Ergonomic aspects of cold stress and cold adaptation.
Effects of thermal stress on human performance.
Thermoregulatory models. Recent research, current applications and future development.
Modification of Vernon's globe thermometer and its calibration in terms of physiological strain.
Heat stress in protective clothing. Interactions among physical and physiological factors.
Recent trends in clothing physiology.
The actual insulation of multilayer clothing.
Wind-chill equations predicting whole-body heat loss for a range of typical civilian outdoor clothing ensembles.
Use of thermal manikins in environmental ergonomics.