CONTENTS — volume 14, no 5, 1988

Published: Oct 1988

Original article

Strategy for the primary and secondary prevention of occupational diseases in the German Democratic Republic.
Mortality among pyrite miners with low-level exposure to radon daughters.
Indoor radon exposure and active and passive smoking in relation to the occurrence of lung cancer.
Office employment, work with video display terminals, and course of pregnancy. Reference mothers' experience from a Finnish case-referent study of birth defects.
Neck and shoulder symptoms among men in machine operating, dynamic physical work and sedentary work.
Respiratory symptoms and pathophysiological effects of occupational exposure to formaldehyde and wood dust.
Effects of low- and high-frequency local vibration on the occurrence of intimal thickening of the peripheral arteries of rats.
Prevalence of risk factors for coronary artery disease among day and shift workers.
Coexposure of man to m-xylene and methyl ethyl ketone. Kinetics and metabolism.
Oral conditions among workers in the Danish granite industry.
Peripheral nerve injury and Raynaud's syndrome following electric shock.