CONTENTS — volume 14, no 1, 1988

Original article

Respiratory health effects from occupational exposure to wood dusts.
Disturbed iron metabolism among workers exposed to organic sulfides in a pulp plant.
Medical consequences of work-related accidents on 2,454 Swedish farms.
Risk for reduced sperm quality among metal workers, with special reference to welders.
Ultrastructural changes in peripheral nerves of the fingers of three vibration-exposed persons with Raynaud's phenomenon.
Prospective clinical and psychometric investigation of patients with chronic toxic encephalopathy induced by solvents.
Memory sequelae of solvent intoxication.
Absence of mutagenic response to radiation from a video display terminal.

Letter to the Editor

Comment on the interpretation of Jappinen et al concerning increased incidence among board mill workers.

Amendments and corrections

Re: Korpela M, Tah ti H. Effects of industrial organic solvent s on human erythrocyte membrane adeno sine triphosphatase activities in vitro. Scand J Work Environ Health 13 (1987) 513-517