CONTENTS — volume 13, no 5, 1987

Published: Oct 1987

Original article

Assessment of concentration peaks in setting exposure limits for air contaminants at workplaces, with special emphasis on narcotic and irritative gases and vapors.
Association between spontaneous abortion and ergonomic factors. A literature review of the epidemiologic evidence.
Mortality of tar distillation workers.
Mortality in the Swedish glassworks industry.
Risk of astrocytic brain tumors associated with occupational chemical exposures. A case-referent study.
Ventilation and organic solvent exposure during car washing.
Exposure to creosote in the impregnation and handling of impregnated wood.
Hydrocarbon exposure from handling jet fuel at some Swedish aircraft units.
Effect of fork-lift truck driving on low-back trouble.
Effects of low-dose inhalation of three chlorinated aliphatic organic solvents on deoxyribonucleic acid in gerbil brain.

Letter to the Editor

Preliminary results on smoking patterns for workers attending an asbestos abatement course.
Suicide and exposure to phenoxy acid herbicides.