CONTENTS — volume 13, no 4, 1987

Published: Aug 1987

Original article

Symptomatology and diagnostic methods in the hand-arm vibration syndrome. Stockholm, 21-23 May 1986.
Clinical assessment of suspected damage from hand-held vibrating tools.
The Stockholm Workshop scale for the classification of cold-induced Raynaud's phenomenon in the hand-arm vibration syndrome (revision of the Taylor-Pelmear scale).
Sensorineural stages of the hand-arm vibration syndrome.
Clinical evaluation of vibration-exposed complainants in field surveys.
Ergonomics and the effects of vibration in hand-intensive work.
Bone and joint pathology in workers using hand-held vibrating tools. An overview.
Prevention of the hand-arm vibration syndrome.
Longitudinal study of vibration-induced white finger among coastal fallers in British Columbia.
Centrally and locally mediated vasomotor activities in Raynaud's phenomenon.
Pathophysiological aspects of peripheral circulatory disorders in the vibration syndrome.
Vibration-induced neuropathy. Detection by nerve conduction measurements.
A new depth-sense esthesiometer. A comparative study on sensitivity.
Intraneural edema following exposure to vibration.
Esthesiometry, nail compression and other function tests used in Japan for evaluating the hand-arm vibration syndrome.
Physiological methods used in Japan for the diagnosis of suspected hand-arm vibration syndrome.
The objective diagnosis of vibration-induced vascular injury.
Cold provocation test results from a 1985 survey of hard-rock miners in Ontario.
Finger thermometry in the assessment of subjects with vibration-induced white finger.
Thermographic assessment of skin temperature during a cold provocation test.
Tests employed in Japan for the investigation of peripheral circulatory disturbances due to hand-arm vibration exposure.
Usefulness of blood parameters, especially viscosity, for the diagnosis and elucidation of pathogenic mechanisms of the hand-arm vibration syndrome.
Pathogenic and clinical aspects of polyneuropathies, with reference to the hand-arm vibration syndrome.
Clinical neurological methods in the diagnosis of the hand-arm vibration syndrome.
Peripheral neurological assessment methods for workers exposed to hand-arm vibration. An appraisal.
A new principle for assessing vibrotactile sense in vibration-induced neuropathy.
Assessment of impaired tactile sensation. A pilot study.
New techniques for the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome.