CONTENTS — volume 12, no 5, 1986

Published: Oct 1986

Original article

Clinical aspects of the hand-arm vibration syndrome. A review.
Mortality of workers exposed to 2 methyl-4 chlorophenoxyacetic acid.
Mortality experience in a polyamide-polyester factory.
Exposure to formaldehyde and cancer mortality in a cohort of workers producing resins.
Subjective and objective signs of organic solvent toxicity among occupationally exposed workers. An experimental evaluation.
Systolic blood pressure in relation to occupation and perceived work stress.
Estimating the relationship between exposure to tar volatiles and the incidence of bladder cancer in aluminum smelter workers.
Changes in water vapor loss from the skin of metal industry workers monitored during exposure to oils.
Percutaneous uptake rate of 2-butoxyethanol in the guinea pig.
A tracer pulse method for the assessment of airflow patterns in a particleboard mill.

Letter to the Editor

Harmful health effects of exposure to kerosene and antirust oil.