CONTENTS — volume 12, suppl 1, 1986

Published: 1986

Original article

Contributions to the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) study on mortality and cancer incidence among man-made mineral fiber production workers.
Ten years of epidemiologic investigations on man-made mineral fibers and health.
A review of experimental evidence for the carcinogenicity of man-made vitreous fibers.
Environmental surveys in the European man-made mineral fiber production industry.
Past exposures to airborne fibers and other potential risk factors in the European man-made mineral fiber production industry.
The man-made mineral fiber European historical cohort study. Extension of the follow-up.
Influence of smoking habits and place of residence on the risk of lung cancer among workers in one rock-wool producing plant in Denmark.
Mortality of workers in a German rock-wool factory--a second look with extended follow-up.
Mortality and cancer risk among workers exposed to man-made mineral fibers in Finland.
Cancer mortality of an Italian cohort of workers in man-made glass-fiber production.
Incidence of cancer in the mineral-wool producing industry in Norway.
Mortality and cancer incidence in the man-made mineral fiber industry in Sweden.
Mortality study of workers in the man-made mineral fiber production industry in the United Kingdom.